The Shiva’s Chronicle

|| ಪ್ರಾತಕಾಲೆ ಶಿವಂ ದೃಷ್ಟ್ವಾ ನಿಶಿಪಾಪಂ ವಿನಶ್ಯತಿ 
ಅಜನ್ಮಕೃತ ಮದ್ಯಾನ್ಹೇ ಸಾಯೇನ ಸಪ್ತಜನ್ಮಾನಿ
ಮೇರು ಕಾಂಚಾನ ದತ್ತಾನಾಂ ಗವಾಂಕೋಟಿ ಶತೈರಪಿ
ಪಂಚಕೋಟಿ ತುರಂಗಾನಾಂ ತತ್ಪಲಂ ಶಿವದರ್ಶನಂ ||

|| प्राताकाले शिवम् दृष्ट्वा निशिपपम विनष्यति – अजन्मक्रुता मध्याह्न्ने सायेना सप्ताजन्मानी – मेरु कान्चाना दत्तनाम गवामकोटी शातैरापी  – पंचाकोटी तुरंगानाम तत्पलम शिवदर्शनं ||

If you believe in words like eternity, cosmic, infinity, timelessness, divinity, auspicious – these are the less known words to the mankind for describing Lord Shiva – the Adi Yogi.

Shiva is always seen as a very powerful being, and at the same time, as one who is not so crafty with the world. So, one form of Shiva is known as Bholenath, because he is childlike. “Bholenath” means the innocent or even the ignorant. You will find that most intelligent people are very easily taken for a ride because they cannot subject their intelligence to petty things. A very low level of intelligence that is crafty and shrewd can easily outsmart an intelligent person in the world. That may mean something in terms of money or society, but it doesn’t mean anything in terms of life.

When we say intelligence, we are not looking at just being smart. We are looking at allowing that dimension which makes life happen, to be in full flow. Shiva is like this too. It is not that he is stupid, but he does not care to use intelligence in all those petty ways.

The fundamental meaning of the word “Shiva” is The destroyer; one of the three major divinities in the later Hindu pantheon – Their are several writings and scriptures stating or picturising what actually the term Shiva means. Some inscriptions in the Indian indigenous languages let say kannada – It says shiva means (ಮಂಗಳಕರ – i.e.  Auspicious)

Depicting the lord is literally a breakthrough which has developed or overdeveloped from centuries. Whatever form we are seeing in current generation may be adopted from Indus Valley Civilization or the scriptures and carvings from the ancient temples.

To depict shiva literally he is :

Smeared with ash, Draped in animal hide. He sits atop the snow-capped mountain having skull in hand. Withdrawn, with dogs for company.

Destroying the world or worldly memories with his indifference’s.

He is God who the Goddess shall awaken.

His name is Shiva




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