The importance of sindoor in the forehead!!!

Fond Family


 Tradinally applying sindoor in the forehead is considered to be very auspicious and good fortune, and also giving haldi kumkum to  the other married women is also considered to be auspicious. When I was young, I used to watch my mother, how much she has given importance to the kumkum and lot of questions would arise for me in my childhood days, why a kumkum is given to a married lady when she comes as a guest and goes out of the house.sindoor

And so when I got married, even I started following the same tradition, but the curiosity of knowing why it is been done made to understand and so I’am sharing my knowledge to you all.

The area between our eyebrow is called “ agna”, it is the centre point where all our experiences are gathered in as a total concentration, the red kumkum kept between the eyebrows…

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