Quotes for Life…………..

I wanted to post this page from my college days but I dint had a proper source for executing it. Its time to say thanks to my dad i.e is he got a new PC to me. I can continue my life as a quotes poster, well I am not saying that the the entire posting is my self creation but its collection from different sources I do keep updating each and every day be reading it and kindly pass your valuable comments on it, well I dint said my name it . Sorry I will display only after my death on this page. So it starts from the numbers and so on

SO 1st Quote will be

1 – Dear broken heart girls, instead of wiping away your tears, you should wipe away the people who make you cry.

2 – Don’t cry over the past, it’s gone. Don’t stress about the future, it hasn’t arrived. Live in the present and make it beautiful 🙂

3 – Why do people think it’s okay for them to do horrible things as long as they apologize after

4 – TOP 5 Lies People Tell : 1) I’m fine. 2) That was my last piece of gum. 3) I’ll call you back. 4) I’m on my way. 5) I never got that text.

5 – It makes me happy knowing that some of the simplest things I say or do can make someones day.



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